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Food of Mizoram

The food of Mizoram has a characteristic blend of Chinese and North Indian cuisine; thereby giving it a distinct flavour and taste. The dishes in the Mizoram food platter mostly include non-vegetarian preparations. Vegetables are also eaten along with meat.

The food is served in banana leaves maintaining their age-old traditions. The most renowned dishes include Paanch Phoron Torkari, in which five different spices are used; Chhum Han that is made of steamed vegetables; Koat Pitha and Misa Mach Poora that are prepared with fish.

The local people here love to eat fish, mostly cooked or sauteed in mustard oil, which has a distinct flavour. Mizo people like bamboo in their food and also enjoy preparing delicacies made with duck meat.

While in Mizoram try Bai. It is basically a non-vegetarian dish that is cooked by steaming vegetables and teaming it up with pork, spinach and bamboo shoot. Vawksa Rep is the North Eastern version of smoked Pork, Arsa Buhchiar is a rice and chicken dish served with local herbs and Sawchair is a traditional rice dish served with either chicken or pork.

In beverages try Lubrusca grape wine, which is a renowned drink here. Other popular drink here is Zu, which is a form of tea available here.

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