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Sightseeing in Kohima

There are a few places in Kohima where you can go on a sightseeing tour.

Bara Basti is an original Naga settlement on a hill 1500m above Kohima. It is India’s largest village and has traditional houses, a granary, a trough to brew beer and an ornate doorway. The houses have crossed horns on the gables. Bara Basti will take you back in time to centuries ago when human hands did almost everything, from chafing grain to brewing beer. The State Museum with its stunning collection of Naga artifacts and anthropological exhibits like log drums, statues and woodcarvings will definitely interest you. The basement has exhibits of birds and animals of the North East. It also has a large wooden canoe, which is too large to be used in the state, so sparks of speculations that the Nagas may have come from Sumatra.

The War Cemetery dominates the town of Kohima. “Here around the tennis court of the Deputy Commissioner lie men who fought in the battle of Kohima in which they and their comrades finally halted the invasion of India by the forces of Japan in April 1944” says this well maintained memorial situated on the top of a hill overlooking the city. During World War II, the Japanese had advanced up to Kohima and 10,000 soldiers had died in the Battle for Kohima.

The village of Khonoma is a 20km trek or car ride from Kohima and offers an intimate look at the traditional tribal way of living. The highest point of the village has some beautiful views.

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