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Places Near Puri

Puri has some interesting places to visit nearby, so take a day excursion out of the town and make the trip.

Raghurajpur, a famous artists village in Orissa is 16 km from Puri. Besides art – pattachittra and talapattachittra, this village is the hometown of Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra, one of the most renowned exponents of Odissi, the lyrical classical dance genre born in the temples of Orissa and handed down from generation to generation in the Guru-Shishya (teacher-disciple) tradition.

Satyabadi or Sakshigopal is 20 km from Puri and a trip to Puri is considered incomplete if one does not visit the shrine of Lord Sakshigopal(Krishna) here.

Balighai, 8 km from Puri is a popular picnic spot at the point where the River Nuanai meets the sea. Brahmagiri with the shrine of Alarnath and the shrine of Baliharachandi on the solitary sand dunes near the River Bhargavi is only 25 km away.

Birapratapur and Ganganarayanpur are two traditional Brahmin villages, situated inland amongst the coconut palms, paddy fields, muddy lakes and rivers. Thatched houses of baked clay and wood, painted with gay designs, and small temples are the main attractions of these quaint villages that worship Lord Vishnu.

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