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Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum


Located in Bikaner, the Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum is one of the popular attractions in the state of Rajasthan. The Museum was actually founded by Maharaja Ganga Singh on the completion of 50 years of his reign in Bikaner. It houses some of the rarest collections including rich artefacts, impeccable sculptures, jade studded weapons and portraits of rulers along with the objects from early civilizations.

The terracotta wares belonging to the Gupta period and some of the objects of Indus Valley and Harappan Civilization are also preserved here. The exquisite sculpture of Jain Saraswati, Nartaki, belonging to as old as 10th century, is showcased in the Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum. The museum also preserves other sculptures along with the Lacquer work done on wood, metal, stones, glass, and leather as well as on ostrich egg. The intricate carvings done in wood and stone will delight art enthusiasts.

The museum has a lot in store for travellers who take interest in antiques. Out of many antiques the beautiful Bikaner stands, teak wooden table, horse’s chariot, the exquisite model of Gajner Palace and carpets woven by the Bikaner jailors are a few. The full size portraits showing the royal lineage of kings are a treat for an art and history lover. Various ‘farmaans’ (rolled out letters), with the Imperial seal issued by the renowned rulers like Shah Jahan, Jahangir and Aurangzeb are preserved in the Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum.

The Museum boasts of the grand attires of the blue blood, including the silk robe of Prince Salim that will leave you spell bound. In the armoury section you would see the weapons used by different rulers that include daggers with the handle of jade, shields made out of camel’s hide and camel guns, which will completely leave you aback. The coins and artefacts made out of metals, wood, and glass along with the beautiful paintings of the Bikaner, Mewar, Jaipur and Jodhpur schools will enthral you. The museum interests a number of history buffs, art enthusiasts and others to visit it every year.

Best time to visit

The Museum can be visited anytime of the year. If you are planning to explore the rest of Bikaner, the best time to visit is during winter months starting from October till February when the weather remains pleasant.


Check out the stunning gold leaf paintings and the artefacts from the Harappan Civilization in the museum.


The museum remains open on all weekdays except Fridays, and is open for visitors from 10:30 am till 4:30 pm.

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