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Places Near Jodhpur

There are many tourist places around Jodhpur. You can visit the Balsamand Lake and Palace that is an artificial lake/water body, a source of freshwater for the region. A mere 7 kms from the main city, it is a picturesque picnic spot with summer palaces along the embankment and a bird sanctuary. Both Bal Samand and Sardar Samand have top quality accommodation for overnight stopovers or for those who like to stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Mandore, the former capital of Marwar lies 8 kms southwest, a true oasis in the desert, with its greenery and pretty gardens. The main attraction here is the ‘Hall Of Heroes’, where you see sixteen huge figures of popular Hindu and folk deities carved out of single rock.

Guda Bishnoi are the picturesque villages of the Bishnoi community, 25 km from the city limits. The Bishnois are great conservationists, who believe staunchly in the sanctity of animal and plant life and renowned for nurturing and protecting local flora and fauna. The Bishnois will protect wildlife at the cost of their own lives, if necessary. As a result, herds of blackbuck and chinkara roam freely. Go there for an interesting insight into the traditional ways of rural India and meet some true conservationists.

Other nearby place is Sardar Samand Lake and Palace, which is the former hunting lodge and summer getaway of the erstwhile ruling family of Jodhpur. Little Rajasthani villages and hamlets, drying fields of red chilli peppers and herds of black buck and chinkaras enliven the 55 kms drive.

Ossian (65 km northwest of Jodhpur, off the main Jodhpur-Bikaner road)is has a cluster of Hindu and Jain temples dating back to the 8th to 11th centuries. A fascinating drive through the arid landscape past stretches of desert and tiny hamlets bring you to Ossian.

The Rawla Narlai is an enchanting getaway hidden in the woods along stretches of the crumbling Aravallis. The medieval hunting lodge, now a heritage property, is located 160 Kms from Jodhpur on the Udaipur Jodhpur National Highway.

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