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Sightseeing in Samode

Ther are many places to see in Samode. Visit the Sultan Mahal in Samode that is a magnificent hall, with a beautiful marble pillared verandah, on the first floor. Get ready for some Samode magic: be prepared to be bewitched by the blue tile work here and the walls which are decorated with patterns painted with vegetable dyes. Intricately carved silver furniture imported from Nepal fills the hall of the Samode Palace and contributes to its grandeur.

To enjoy sightseeing in Samode, stop by the Durbar hall with its floral motifs and paintings. At the Samode Palace, gaze wonderingly at the Hall of Mirrors, a hall decorated with millions of tiny mirrors, which twinkle like thousands of stars. Once you have had your fill of the beauty of the Samode Palace, walk up to the Samode Fort, which though in ruins, is historically significant. Besides you can get a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside and the Samode village.

Get a closer look at village life – tour the village on camel back and enjoy the local traditions and life. Perhaps you can catch them playing some folk music on their traditional instruments and buy some local crafts and arts. Be sure to go to the Samode Bagh, and enjoy the beautiful walled garden, definitely an oasis of peace and beauty. For those on a romantic tryst or on their honeymoon, Samode Bagh is a not-to-be missed rendezvous. Once you have tasted the beauty and peace of Samode, you are definitely going to come back for more.

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