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Shopping in Rajasthan

Rajasthan has many shopping options to offer to a traveller. Though the Rajput rulers were constantly at war, the artisans were encouraged to absorb the refinements of the Mughal courts. Their artistic fingers continue to give stone, leather, glass, wood, clay, ivory, brass, silver, gold and textiles the most brilliant shapes and forms as they breathe life into them to produce an astounding range of handicrafts.

The irresistible selection of textiles and handicrafts includes block printed, embroidered and tie-dye fabrics as well as ready made, lightweight cotton quilts which are surprisingly warm and comforting, elegant jewellery in a wide range, leather goods, furniture, miniature paintings, blue pottery and woollen carpets in Mughal designs. The religious cloth paintings of Nathdwara or Pichhawais and the brightly coloured Phad cloth paintings of rural Rajasthan make excellent wall hangings.

Shop for the finest block printed fabrics which are made in Sanganer, a half hour’s drive from Jaipur. The inner alleys of this small town are the ‘workshops’ where you see artisans busy preparing the vegetable dyes and printing the fabrics, while umpteen shops line the main road selling the gorgeous finished products. There is an amazing assortment of cloth bags, bedspreads, tablecloths, cushion covers, toilet bags, tablemats and the famous cotton quilts that one may go shopping for. Raja Man Singh of Amer (Jaipur) brought five Sikh enamel workers from Lahore to Jaipur in the 16th century to introduce the ‘meenakari’ jewellery craft to the area. Today, Jaipur’s ‘meenakari’ (coloured enamel work) has acquired world fame.

‘Kundankari’ is another traditional craft in which precious and semi precious stones are set in ‘lac’ inlaid in gold. The lac background is then hidden with refined gold wire. These skills go to produce the most fabulous jewellery, whether in gold and precious stones fit for queens, or as silver ornaments worn by the peasants. It is also one of India’s largest ornament making centres, specialising in precious stones. It would be a good idea to pick up some pieces of the fabulous jewellery that is on sale - you will never regret the decision! Lac bangles cost just a few rupees but make an excellent gift. In bright colours, the lacquer is gently moulded into shape over burning charcoals, then embedded with fine glass pieces or embellished with gold threads.

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