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Kanyakumari Travel Guide

Kanyakumari is the last place god made (in India), right at the bottom of the peninsula where the waters of the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal ebb and flow into each other.

Kanyakumari owes its popularity as a tourist destination to both its sanctity as a pilgrimage site and to nature’s generosity. The never-ending horizon, the confluence of three seas, brilliant sun rises and sunsets, the rare sight of the sun and moon sharing a horizon and a beach that is as beautiful as it is dangerous add their own allure to the magic of Kanyakumari.

Named after and dedicated to Parvati as the young virgin, the ‘Kanya’ whose tapasya won her the hand of Lord Shiva. But there being many a slip ‘tween the cup and lip, poor Kanya never did get married. The story goes that Narada Muni, advisor to the gods decreed midnight the auspicious hour for the wedding ceremony. Narada calculations were all awry! The hour proved most unfavourable, the wedding party heard a cockcrow and presuming the night had passed and they had missed the scheduled time, turned back. The wedding feast turned, not to dust but close enough, to sand and even today, Kanyakumari’s unusual multicoloured sand bears an uncanny resemblance to rice and pulses! Left at the altar and hence a virgin forever, Kanya is worshipped by young maidens.

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