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Places Near Allahabad

There are many places near Allahabad. About 9 kms from Allahabad is Jhusi or Pratisthanpuri that is an ancient site. Reached after crossing the Ganga on boat or via road, this site has several temples and ashrams.

Bhita , 22 kms southwest of Allahabad, is an archaeological site dating well before the 3rd century BC. Originally excavated in 1910-11, the site revealed evidence of ancient habitation and was a major trade centre. The mythological kingdom of Nishadraj or the king of boatmen sits 40 kms away on the banks of the Ganga. Known as Shringverpur, this ancient site with its Ramchaura is believed to be the spot where Lord Rama stayed a night before being taken across the river by Nishadraj.

The Tons River Aqueduct and the Upardaha Lake about 45 kms from Allahabad are popular picnic spots for local people.

Kara, 69 kms from the city is an erstwhile Mughal township. Once the provincial capital of the region, the town has some Hindu shrines including the Sheetla Mata temple and the Kaleshwar Mahadev temple of Lord Shiva.

Kausambi , an ancient town sits next to the Yamuna RIver, 62 kms from Allahabad. Legend says the town was settled by descendants of the Pandavas who fled the flooded city of Hastinapur. Early excavations at Kausambi revealed an important Buddhist site where the Buddha himself came to preach. Referred by the Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang, this town was continuously inhabited from the 8th century BC till the 6th century AD. Some historians have suggested evidence of even earlier habitation at the site. A 6-km mud wall surfaced with brick is visible at the site. Inside are remains of brick houses, paved roads, tanks, a drainage system and a large 5th century BC stupa. A damaged Ashokan column is one of the few standing structures among the ruins. Accessed from Allahabad by taxis or private cars, you can also reach Kausambi by a daily bus from the Leader Road bus stand.

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