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Sightseeing in Kanpur

Sightseeing in Kanpur include visit to the ancient ruins of Jajmau. Excavated in 1957-58, the mound revealed artifacts from 600 BC up to 1600 BC. Believed to have been the ancient settlement of Siddhapuri, the kingdom of the ancient king Yayati, the Jajmau area is now marked by the temples of Siddhnath and Siddha Devi. Along side is the tomb of Makhdum Shah Ala-ul-Haq, a Sufi saint who was immortalised in the mausoleum built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq. The other Islamic building in Jajmau is the 17th century mosque built by Kulich Khan.

In the old Civil Lines area of the city stands the All Soul’s Memorial Church, built in 1875 in memory of the British residents who died in 1857. This red brick Gothic building was designed by Walter Granville. A beautiful stained glass window and memorial plaques to the dead are the important sights in the church. Outside are the graves of those who were killed in the Bibighar massacre.

A separate enclosure to the east of the church marks the Memorial Garden with its Gothic screen designed by Henry Yule. A beautifully crafted angel with crossed arms was made by Baron Carlo Marochetti. The screen and the memorial figure were originally located at the Bibighar and were shifted to their present site after independence in 1947.

Other sightseeing options include a visit to Satichaura Ghat, marked by a small Shiva temple. In the centre of the city are the King Edward VII Memorial Hall and the Christ Church , built in 1848. On the Mall Road that runs across the city from east to west is the Phool Bagh or flower garden. To the west of the Phool Bagh is the Nana Rao Park, built at the site of the Bibighar and dedicated to the memory of Nana Sahib. The 15-cm high trench walls and the well are still visible within the complex.

The modern Shri Radhakrishna Temple popularly known as the JK temple was built by a prominent industrial house. A white marble structure, the temple is an amalgamation of diverse styles, borrowing from northern and southern temple architecture. There are five main shrines dedicated to Radha and Krishna, Lakshmi and Narayan (another name for Vishnu), Ardhanarishwar, Narmadeshwar and the monkey god Hanuman.

Another religious landmark in Kanpur is the Jain glass temple, which acquired its name from the elaborate glasswork inside. West of the Agricultural College is the Kamla Retreat, a privately owned park. It has a swimming pool, extensive gardens, boating facilities and even a mini-zoo. The retreat also houses a museum with some interesting historical and archaeological exhibits. To visit the museum you will need to get prior permission from the administrators of the complex.

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