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Driving Direction to Haridwar

Driving Direction from Delhi to Haridwar

Distance: 202 km
Driving Time: 7.00 hours

When driving from Delhi to Haridwar, start early in the morning as the traffic builds up on this route and the journey can take you up to 7 hours! To drive out of Delhi, head southeast towards NH 24; crossing the Nizamuddin Bridge, turn left and take the Ghazipur road.
Continue driving on NH 24 as you cross the Dabur Chowk and head towards Mohan Nagar till you reach a T point.
From here, take a right and then turn left from Ghaziabad border traffic light to get on to NH 58 – tank up at the petrol pump here.
On NH 58, drive past Muradnagar (10 km stretch); cross Modi Nagar, and when approaching Meerut, remember to take a left on to the Meerut Bypass, thereby avoiding the heavy traffic in the city.
Continue towards Modipuram and Khatauli – by now you must be hungry, so make a small detour to Cheetal Grand, located between NH 58 and Khatauli, for a sumptuous breakfast and to freshen up.
If you need to refuel your car, there’s a petrol pump here, and just in case you overlooked Cheetal Grand, you still have an alternative of stopping by at Haldiram’s or Mc Donald’s in Khatauli.
After filling your stomach and fuelling your car, start moving ahead towards Muzaffarnagar, a 52 km stretch on NH 58 – Muzzaffarnagar is the sugar belt of the state and the unpleasant smell of molasses hits you as you approach.
Do remember to take a right from the roundabout just before the town, to get onto Muzaffarnagar bypass – even though this is a little longer route, it is worth the extra miles as the traffic within the town is very heavy.
There is also a big petrol pump here and if you need to top up your car, this is the place to do so.
Exit the bypass and head onto NH 58 Haridwar Road and carry on till you pass Roorkee and hit the Shivalik hills.
From Roorkee, stay on NH 58, and continue driving for another 30 km on this stretch till you reach your destination – Haridwar.

Driving Direction from Chandigarh to Haridwar

Distance: 206 km
Driving Time: 5.00 hours

Start from Chandigarh and take the road via Dakshin Marg to get on to NH 21, drive for 5 km before you take a right towards NH 22.
Continue on NH 22 and you will cross Zirakpur on the way, you may stop here for some refreshments and for a meal at McDonald’s.
Stay on NH 22 and follow the sign boards, you will cross Axis Bank towards the right in 5 kms, turn a slight left after another 5 kms on this road and you will cross Dera Bassi to get onto the NH 73.
From here drive on for about 10 kms before you take a right turn to get onto NH 73, follow signboards to get onto SH 1.
Drive on for about 10 kms on SH 1 till you reach Raipur Rani, you will also pass by a petrol pump after around 40 kms on SH 1.
Keep driving on SH 1 for 30 kms and then take a right from the Chowk Bazar to get onto NH 73A.
Drive on and turn left at Matka Chowk to stay on NH 73 A, follow the signboards till you get onto the main NH 73 highway.
Once on NH 73 drive on for another 10 kms till you cross the Sagar Ratna restaurant, you may halt here for the delicious South Indian food is highly recommended.
Now go straight for about 7 kms and turn left to stay on NH 73, you will pass through Saharanpur, drive for 10 km and take a slight right at the fork, and then the first left to stay on NH 73.
Drive on NH 73 for about 15 kms and you will find a petrol pump on your left, follow the sign boards and take a left to get onto NH 58.
Follow the sign boards to stay on NH 58, you will come across Kisan Dhaba on the highway, where you can halt for snacks.
Restart you journey and take the slight turn towards the right after about 6 kms to stay on NH 58, drive for about 7 kms and you will reach Haridwar.

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