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Things to do in Shantiniketan

When in Shantiniketan, all things to do will be centered on the Vishva Bharati camous. This is Rabindranath Tagore’s and other well known scholars’ university. This one-of- a- kind university still follows old traditions and hold outdoor classes. Learning is a way of life here and it is a refreshing change from other places of education.

Sightseeing in Shantiniketan

The sightseeing tour in Shantiniketan comprises of visit to the well-known Vishva Bharati campus.

Shopping in Shantiniketan

There are no famous shopping places in Shantiniketan but you can buy lovely handicraft items here.

Activities in Shantiniketan

You wouldn't find many activities to do in Shantiniketan. You can take a stroll in the gardens, Deer Park or take a trip to Vishva Bharati campus to check out paintings murals etc.

NearBy Places in Shantiniketan

If you want to visit places near Shantiniketan then head up to Sriniketan that is 3 kms from Shantiniketan.

Eating Out in Shantiniketan

There a couple of good restaurants in Shantiniketan. There may not be any fine dining options here but the food is tasty and wholesome.

Festivals & Events in Shantiniketan

Shantiniketan events include the renowned Paush Mela that is held in the month of December every year.

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