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Festivals and Events in Yogyakarta

Festivals in Yogyakarta reflect the rich and vibrant culture of the place. The Sekaten Ceremony, Yogya Arts Festival and Gerebeg festivals are celebrated with pomp and grandeur.

Gerebeg festivals are celebrated thrice in a year in January, April and early November. A grand procession heading to the mosque is organised. You will get to see people dressed in traditional attires and court dresses and enjoying the traditional gamelan music. People from different corners of the world gather to be a part of this festival.

The Yogya Arts Festival is celebrated in June and it continues until the beginning of July. Get to see Yogyakarta is a festive mood. Cultural shows, exhibitions and art events are held during this festival. Most of the events are organised in the Benteng Vredeburg fortress.

The Sekaten Ceremony is yet another significant festival organised to celebrate the birth of Prophet Mohammad. This is a week-long festival and is held in June. During the festival, midnight parade is held from Ponconiti hall. Various cultural programs and folk songs are performed on the first day of the festival. Special delicacies such as Nasi Gurih and Endhok Abang are also prepared during this festival. Visit Yogyakarta in June to experience the rich culture of the place.

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