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Best Time to Visit Ireland

Ireland is favorable for travel almost throughout the year; most areas renowned for their scenery remain beautiful all through, and their charms don’t really diminish in off-peak times.

Do remember, though, that some places - the lesser known attractions - close down during the winter (October to March), but this is also the period when accommodation is likely to be at its cheapest. The tourist season peaks between June and September, when the weather’s at its best.

The climate of Belfast is moderately cool through the year. The warmest months of June, July and August have average maximum temperatures of 18 degrees C and nightfall brings the temperature down to 11 degrees C on average. The coldest months are December, January and February. Day temperatures go up to only 6 degrees C in January. Belfast gets rain all 12 months of the year. The lightest rainfall occurs from March to June. If you want be part of the fun and festivities that Ireland is known for, plan your visit around the time of Irish festivals. St Patrick''s Day is one such festival and this happens in March.

Be sure to carry something green to wear on this day! Jazz lovers can plan to visit in October to witness the Cork Jazz Festival which attracts over 40,000 people from all over. The Irish love a good laugh! The Smithwick Cat Laugh Festival will provide you that and more. Held in June this is the most popular comedy festival.


An island country with a temperate maritime climate, Ireland’s weather is such that the temperature hovers between 4? C and 20? C throughout the year. Winters are cold (January and February are the coldest months) but not intolerably so, and summer never gets too hot. There is, however, rain almost throughout the year, which can leave the skies grey for prolonged periods and be pretty depressing. The sunniest months are May and June, which is about the only time you can expect to see the sun through most of the day.

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