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The Irish are known for many things: for St Patrick’s Day and four-leaf clover; for Guinness and for its almost mythical natural beauty; for the string of deep-blue Lakes of Killarney, for the serene, lovely Connemara Mountains and for the mystic beauty of the limestone desert called the Burren, for the wildly dramatic Giant’s Causeway and the many hues of green in the Glens of Antrim.

Ireland has been called the `Emerald Isle’- and with good reason too. Immortalized in poetry and prose, in painting and in tourist literature too, Ireland with its historic cities and the legendary warmth and hospitality of its people is an attractive destination as more and more visitors find out year after year! Yes, for an island as small as it is, Ireland is well known.

Have you heard of Muckanaghederdauhaulia? A real tongue twister – it’s the longest place name in Ireland. Try saying it!

Do you know what “Pet Day” meant in Ireland? No, it has nothing to do with pets. When a day of good weather pops up after a long stretch of bad days in Ireland, it is called “Pet Day”.

Ever wondered why do most of the Irish and Scottish surnames start with the prefix “O’ or Mac”? well, O’ in Gaelic means the son of and Mac means the Grandson of/ descendant of or to that of an earlier ancestor.

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