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'If you ever go to Kilkenny, Remember the Hole in the Wall, You may there get drunk for a penny, Or tipsy for nothing at all.'

For all the beer lovers the name Kilkenny must’ve instantly struck a chord. However the city of Kilkenny is so much more than just a famous beer name. Known as the Marble City for several centuries because of the unique black marble found here, it has been one of the most important cities of Ireland.

Lively and enthusiastic, it is fast becoming a favourite with the tourists. Offering a variety of activities, sites and modern culture, this city is certainly not to be missed

Kilkenny is Ireland’s only inland City, starting with the letter ‘K’. All others are situated on the coastline.

Squire Watson, an eccentric 18th century Kilkenny landowner, had such an unshakeable belief that he would be reincarnated as a fox that he had a luxurious marble den built in the grounds of his estate in anticipation of his return.

The Highest ever recorded temperature in Ireland (33°C) was recorded in Kilkenny on June 26, 1887.

Kilkenny's long association with cats stems from the fearsome, wild felines which once inhabited the Dunmore caves in the north of the county.The two cats fabled in an Irish story that fought till nothing was left but their tails is probably a parable of a local contest between Kilkenny and Irishtown, which impoverished both towns.

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