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Activities in Israel

There are numerous outdoor activities in Israel that will keep you entertained here. For sports fans Israel has soccer, basketball and occasional tennis tournament and the Maccabeeah Games (Jewish Olympics) and for adventure enthusiasts there is skiing, cycling, windsurfing, sailing and floating in the Dead Sea.

Hiking is especially recommended along the route through Wadi Qelt, around Jericho on the West Bank. Exploring Mitzpe Ramon, the world’s largest crater in the Negev area, and canyon climbing in Ein Avdat also in the Negev, and trekking in the various trails in the Golan region are recommended for the energetic.

For Cycling facilities and information contact the Israel Cyclists’ Touring Club. Horse riding is possible along the coast north of Tel Aviv and in Galilee and Golan regions.

Eliat is the water sports capital. It offers everything from parascending to waterskiing and scuba diving. Tel Aviv and Bat Yam (a suburb of Tel Aviv), Netanya and Dor have excellent beaches. Water gets polluted towards Haifa. You can swim, windsurf, and sail in the Red and Mediterranean Seas, and the Sea of Galilee.

You can dive at Caesarea where you can explore underwater the ruins of Herod’s city or float in the Dead Sea – the lowest point on earth in any land mass (417 mts below sea level, to be precise). Owning to its high salt content Dead Sea does not sustain any marine life and is considered as one of the natural spa and healer. So come and float in the salty waters of the Dead Sea.

Skiing (at Mt. Hermon), Birdwatching at Eliat, which is the world’s second largest bird migratory flyaway after South America is a must do.

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