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Despite there being an amazing variety of international cuisine available in Israel because of the Jewish immigration from all over the world, food here is expensive and disappointing.

The Israeli traditional Eastern European dishes are "hummus" (mashed chickpeas with spices), "tahina" (a sesame preparation), "burekas" (vegetarian or meat filled dough), "sabras" (a prickly cactus fruit), "gvina levana" (soft white cheese) "schnitzel", "goulash" and "gefilte". The Israeli food is quite similar to the Middle Eastern fare.

The word Kashrut and Kosher mean "ritually acceptable". According to the Jewish law certain foods can be prepared, eaten and served only in a particular way. While all fruits and vegetables can be eaten, certain meats (pork) and fish (shell fish) cannot be consumed at all. Meat and dairy products should never be prepared and eaten together and also not cooked in the same utensil. Foods that are neither meat nor dairy products such as "parve", can be cooked with either milk or meat. Kosher restaurants serve only either dairy or meat products and one cannot get a meat-burger with cheese.

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