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Much is the pathos that envelopes the legacy of Jerusalem. Sacred to three major religions, Judaism, Islam and Christianity, who after all share a common sacred heritage in the Old Testament, Jerusalem is Zion - where the Second Temple of Herod stood and with the exclusion of the Western Wall was completely destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. The site of the Prophet's ascendence to heaven, Jerusalem is the third holiest city for Muslims. And for Christians, this is where Christ preached, was crucified, and resurrected.

Jerusalem, Al Quds, Yerushalayam- call it what you will, this is a fascinating city. Old as time (well, older than a lot of other cities, at any rate), and combining within it east and west in a blend which is very easy to like. Olive groves, cypresses, old walls, golden stone and history- all of these make Jerusalem what it is. It is a land that grips the imagination of Jews, Christians and Muslims alike and incites them to religious passion. None of this, however, has stopped many people around the world from wishing they could visit this city to delve into its sacred past. Jerusalem isn’t a very large city- which makes it very easy to wander through.

Your visit to Jerusalem should only be for one reason- to sightsee the walls of the Old City. It is the most important historical and religious site in Jerusalem.

Browse through a local fruit-and-veg market; buy beautiful hand painted tiles; eat mouth-watering shawerma at the Al Quds restaurant- or just sit yourself down at a roadside café and see Jerusalem go by!

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