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Places Near Florence

While in Florence do take out the time to visit some of the nearby cities.

Arezzo, 50 kilometers from Florence is one of the earliest and most important Etruscan settlements. The town’s most famous treasure is Piero della Francesca’s fresco at the Basilica di San Francesco. The 12th century Pieve di Santa Maria and the large Duomo where daylight filters in through beautiful stained glass are two of the other attractions.

San Gimignano is located 56 km from Florence. It is a hill town enclosed by a wall. It developed significantly during the middle ages and the renaissance and was, in fact, the resting point of pilgrimages on the way to Rome. San Gimignano has an astounding church built in the 11th century along with museums, cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Siena, 60 km south of Florence, is a medieval town set on top of three hills. It is a picturesque little Tuscan town in Italy that retains its medieval flavour with beautiful churches, museums, and monuments.

Lucca is 61 km from Florence and is a graceful Tuscan town that fills up your senses with music, art, theatre, and festivals; with medieval basilica and palaces; with Renaissance villas and gardens silhouetted against olive and wine hills. Lucca''s medieval culture is being revived much in the manner of neighbouring Florence, Siena and Pisa. Lucca has lively Pisa-Romanesque style buildings - the San Martino Cathedral, the San Frediano Basilica, and Piazza dell''Anfiteatro, the famous round square.

Pisa, 69 km away from Florence, has captured the world’s imagination with its Leaning Tower. Kids are quizzed on why the famous tower leans even as efforts to curb the slant make world news. This beloved monument is a half-day excursion from Florence. You can rent a car, hire a cab, take the hourly train or sign up for a guided tour. There are hotels, hostels and a campsite for those who want to spend a night here.

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