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‘All roads lead to Rome’

Rome, the Eternal City, is only 2500 years old but none other than the intensely artistic Romans could have built so much of such high caliber in the time it took them, substantially less than an eternity!

Undeniably, Rome is a city of a history. Il Centro Storico, or the historical centre, is the focus of most visitors’ attention. But Rome is also as much a city of today, the capital of a modern west European country…one that leads in fashion, plays football, owns a Formula 1 track, has a capitalist economy and is a member of the European Monetary Union. You’ll find a happy agglomeration of the old and the new in Rome: modern museums and ancient architecture. Symbols of ancient history crowd in on the present reality of chic glitz, but nothing crowds the other out.

Rome is a difficult city to absorb in one visit, but here’s hoping that you’ll hit your stride anyway. Cheers!

The St. Peter’s Basilica inside the Vatican City is the largest church ever built.

Rome has a museum which is entirely dedicated to pasta. The Pasta Museum is a one of its kind around the world and showcases different pasta-making machines, as well as paintings related to pasta by contemporary artists.

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