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Sightseeing in Italy

All of Italy really is famously attractive. There’s natural scenic beauty and landscape imbued with rich hues in pastoral Toscana .

The cities beckon with their innumerable monuments to an ancient and always colourful history. The beaches are sun kissed and the Italian Riviera is as glamorous as its French counterpart. The golden tourist circuit involves the cities of Rome, Florence and Venice. But spend a little time ambling around the Maggiore, toasting to a Tuscan sunset and walking the baked red earth of Siena .

Begin your Italian voyage by heading for Rome to view the rubble of an ancient empire, the cathedrals of high Christianity and the art of Renaissance.

The city of Milan , the capital of style, is where Italy trots out its hip, happening and hottest stuff. The city of Venice , the capital of romance, hardly needs introduction. Its famous canals and the gondolas that travel the network have inspired die-hard love through the centuries and Venice continues to be a favourite with couples even today.

Head northwards for a sight of St. Francis of Assisi , the black and white duomo of stunning Siena and the medieval towers of San Gimignano .

Keep pushing northwards to enchanting Florence , the home of the Medici family, for the best of the Renaissance. Visit one of the Seven Wonders at Pisa , the little town that the Leaning Tower made famous. Enjoy the glamour of the Italian Riviera on the Liguarian coast.

Check out the culinary specialties of Bologna and by virtue of the same logic sample the world’s best pizza at Naples .

Sicily is worth your time for reasons other than Mario Puzo’s fiction. Begin your exploration of this beautiful island province at its most important city, Palermo. Monreale has on display Arab-Romanesque art and Agrigento, a remarkable temple. Syracuse boasts its fabulous grottoes. Taormina is a unique cliff city and the outstanding Aeolian Islands are a perfect culmination to your tour of Sicily.

Round off your Italian tour at captivating Capri , and the Amalfi Coast with its clear blue waters.

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