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Best Time to Visit Sapporo

Visit Sapporo any time of the year. The four distinct seasons are spring, summer, autumns and winter.

Spring is a lovely time to be here,as when the snow melts the flowers bloom. By end April, early May the trees are laden with cherry blossoms and make a pleasant sight. The weather also warms up but never gets too hot in Sappora, so this is good time to visit Sappora. End April is also the time of Golden Week when Sappora turns festive.

The rains start sometime in June and carry on sporadically till September. It gets hot and humid during this time and temperatures hover in the mid 20s degree C. In October temperatures starts to go lower, bt it is still a very pleasant time to be here.

However Sappora is best in the winters. Snow in the winter makes it one of the most popular skiing destinations in Japan; the temperatures certainly drop but it is beautiful at this time of the year. If you are interested in snow sports Sappora is known as the Winter Sports capital of Japan and you will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the sports activity here. Tourists come from far and near to Sappora in February for the famous Snow Festival when gigantic ice sculptures are on display - they are real works of art and are lit up in the nights and present a very beautiful sight for the viewer.

Bear in mind that the climate in Sappora is better than most of Japan as it never ever gets too hot, even in the so called summer months.

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