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Created in the year 1948, Tsavo is the largest National Park with nearly 21,000 sq. kms. The National Park offers a variety of habitats and ecosystems savannah, semi desert, mountain forests, rich vegetation and open plains. One can witness a wide variety of animals, including Lion, leopard cheetah, black rhinoceros, buffalo, giraffe and antelopes like gerenuk, fringe-eared oryx, eland and waterbuck.

With over 440 species, Tsavo has a wealth of birds including hornbills, sunbirds, weaver birds, vulture, fish eagle, buzzards, kites, harriers, heron and many more.

A visit to the Tsavo National Park is a must to witness Kenya’s beautiful wildlife and scenery.

The elephants in Tsavo are often referred to as "Red Elephants" as they do appear red sometimes. The color of their skin is no different than that of other elephants, it is due to the red soil of Tsavo that covers these elephants during their dust baths.

Popular legend of Tsavo ‘The Man Eaters of Tsavo’ deals with the mysterious murders of the workers who were appointed for the construction of a bridge here. It was later found out that the absconding workers were dragged out of their tents and were killed by a devil in the shape of a Lion, hence called as the Man Eater!

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