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Best Time to Visit Riga

There is no definite best time to visit Riga per se, as all seasons have some or the other activity ready to surprise you. However, the ideal time to visit Riga is from May through September when the weather is pleasantly warm, the activities and festivals are in abundance and there is little chance of monsoons showing up to make changes to your itinerary.

The best part about the summer season which is from June to August is that it doesn’t reach extreme temperatures, due to the winds coming in from the Baltic Sea. However, this also leads to an increase in humidity levels, as is the case with all cities boasting of a shoreline. The night time witnesses a dip in the temperatures, but not quite so much that it’ll make you snuggle up in your quilts. July to August is the peak tourist season in Riga, when the city welcomes a number of tourists looking to indulge in activities or lose themselves in the joie de vivre of the ongoing festivals. Talking about festivals, summer season is filled with plenty of them, including Gadatirgus Arts and Crafts Fair, Riga Opera Festival, Early Music Festival, Latvian Song and dance Festival, Old School Party, Riga International Fantasy Film Festival, Rigas Ritmi, The International Festival of Organ Music and Riga Salsa Festival , which fills up the entire summer calendar- from June to August.

Out of the many advantages of visiting Riga during summers, it’s the activities that win hands down. Summer is the time when you can sit by the roadside in one of the pavement cafes and drink cocoa to your heart’s content. If coffee isn’t your ‘cup of tea’, head towards the beaches of Riga to get wild and wet at the beach parties which are a rage every summer. Sunbathing is also a fantastic way to literally soak in the sun when at a beach.

However, if you want to escape the summer rush of tourists, the suitable time to visit Riga is the spring months of March through May, when the temperatures aren’t soaring and there are a few activities including canoeing, that’ll only make your trip memorable. The countryside is also best explored during the spring months, when flowers are in full bloom and the air is crisp. If it’s a festival you are looking forwards to, you are in for a disappointment. The only festival that can be enjoyed is the Latvian Contemporary Drama Festival "Insight”, which takes place in the month of March.

September which makes the first half of autumn is a good month for activities and festivals too. You can give adventure sports such as bungee jumping, quad-biking and static skydiving a try, or if you want to assume a more passive role, festivals such as Arsenals Film Festival and Autumn Chamber Music Days in the same month, will fulfill your wishes. October isn’t the best of time to pay Riga a visit as monsoons are in full swing, making it the wettest time of the year.

November through February is the time for winter season, when the skies are gray and the season experiences lack of sunlight. But if you are keen on reserving winter season for Riga, then remember to get some action going by participating in winter sports activities such as ice-cricket, skiing, snowboarding and bobsleighing. Indoor Karting is also a great option to pass your time. However, if you want to use your vacation a little more ‘constructively’, don’t miss out on either the Christmas markets or festivals like Riga Music Festival, Bach Music Festival, Porta World Music Festival and Winterfest.

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