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Things to do in Riga

Sightseeing in Riga

The Dome Cathedral : One of Riga’s most imposing and famous buildings, the Dome Cathedral is an excellent example of medieval architecture; many hold it to be the finest of its kind in the Baltic States.

Shopping in Riga

Riga is easily the best place to go shopping in, particularly if you don’t have the time to go wandering all over the countryside looking for souvenirs.

NearBy Places in Riga

The town of Bauska , a place of historical significance on the road to Vilnius, lies about 65 km from Riga.

Eating Out in Riga

Riga is replete with places to eat- places where you’ll find every cuisine from French to Chinese, complete with starched napkins and silver service.

Festivals & Events in Riga

Latvian Song and Dance Festival is an important event since 1873 and is held every five years in Riga.

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