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Riga, situated on the bank of the River Daugava, is acknowledged as the cultural capital of East Europe. An architecturally pleasing city, visitors to Riga enjoy its gardens and tree-lined boulevards, its old Gothic buildings, its mediaeval churches and its vibrant markets and streets.

with a history spanning 800 years,Riga has been an important city because of its almost perfect location on the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe as well as between Russia and the Sweden. It was ruled over by Poland, Sweden and Russia, and bears the cultural imprint of each of these empires.

Modern Riga is the centre for culture and is a fast growing city, albeit with remanants of the Soviet rule leaving behind its indelible mark on the city. Riga being a very culturally alive city with music running through its veins, hosts many concerts,and has a vibrant nightlife.

Riga is determined to recapture its pre war nomenclature 'Paris of the East'and it is well on it's way of doing so!

Be sure to vist a restaurant called Hospitalis - interesting, because it has been opened by doctors where the dining room replicates an operating room and the waitresses wear nurse’s uniforms on wheeled beds. Even the cutlery are shaped like syringes and operating tools. Test tubes and beakers replace wine glasses!

Art aficionados will love this - a whole district dedicated to art! Over 800 art noveau building and a number of art works here and the best examples are to be found on the main street Elisabetas lela.

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