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Food in Malawi

Rice, cornmeal and cassava flour make up the staple diet of the people of Malawi. The dish most commonly eaten is called nsima, a thick dough-like food made from maize flour. It is usually eaten with a sauce, made with vegetables, fish or beans. The kondowole is made from cassava flour, is rather leathery and chewy in consistency and definitely less tasty. Grilled fish, meat and vegetable stew usually accompany this porridge like dishes and depend on the economic viability of the family.

For people with deeper pockets, fresh fish from Lake Malawi is the country's specialty, chambo or Tilapia fish being the main delicacy. Many varieties of fish including trout come from mountain streams on the Zomba, Mulanje and Nyika plateaux. Goat meat, beef, poultry and dairy produce, vegetables and tropical fruits are available in plenty and add interest to the local food. The local beer is very good and the famous Malawi gin and tonic is an all time favorite with both locals and visitors.

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