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Phuket of Malaysia, Tahiti of the South China Sea, Asia’s answer to Aruba - beautiful tropical island paradise......Tioman Island is really something special. Legend has it that Pulau Tioman was once a beautiful dragon princess who stopped to catch her breath while flying between China and Singapore! The stopover proved so relaxing that she transformed herself into an island that would provide shelter and rest to passing travellers.

The largest island in an archipelago of 64 volcanic islands lying in the South China Sea, just off the east coast of Malaysia, Tioman is perfection with soft white beaches, aqua blue waters, emerald green peaks and iridescent coral reefs. The island is home to cheerful and friendly villagers living their days in the midst of this splendid tropical Garden of Eden.

While on the beach, watch out for sea urchins that may latch on to you. If you happen to step on one inadvertently, beat and pound your flesh where the spike is ensconced - according to locals this is the best way to dislodge it.

Topless sunbathing is not permitted on Tioman island!

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