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Think of endless white sand beaches and about a hundred shades of blue in the ocean. Add miles of lush sugarcane plantations, abundant bird life and scenic mountains. Garnish with a fascinating potpourri of cultures, colourful traditions and festivals and you have Mauritius. The island of Mauritius has come into its own as a tropical paradise in the popular imagination, a reputation it thoroughly deserves. Mauritius has an interesting history of ethnic immigration – Indian, Chinese and African that offers to the traveler a microcosm of world cultures in addition to its amazing natural beauty.

So come to Mauritius to enjoy the land, the wonderful mix of cultures, the sunny beaches of glittering sand and scintillating aquamarine waters. Lie back in the sun and have a relaxed holiday, pack in your days with a variety of water sports or take a one of a kind underwater sea walk and view the fabulous corals and marine life, hike up into the mountains or shake your hips and practice the sega dance, sunbathe or watch the dolphins frolic in the water.

Whatever you choose, beware – you may never want to leave from this island in the sun!

Have you ever wondered where that phrase ‘as dead as a Dodo’ originated? Right here in Mauritius. The Dodo was a bird found only in Mauritius and lost the power and will to fly because there was no need to hunt for it – there was an abundance of food available! The Dodo has now been extinct for over 300 years but the catchy phrase lives on!

The sensual ‘sega’ dance has its origins in Africa. Legend has it that after a hard days labour on the fields the slaves let their hair down at night and danced to the beat of the music as a form of relief. Today the sega dance is very much a part of Mauritian culture and is performed by young and old at weddings and other happy occasions.

Creole is the language spoken in Mauritius by nearly all the people who live there. Creole is a French based language with a sprinkling of Chinese, African and Bhojpuri words. Interesting!

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