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Best Time to Visit Mexico

Visit Mexico at just about any time of the year, but do plan your holiday sensibly, taking in beaches in winter (November to April) and inland destinations in summer (May to October). Mexico’s splendid beach resorts are best visited in winter; the summers can be uncomfortably hot and humid. Inland cities tend to remain cool and sometimes cold in winter.

The holiday season – Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter is tourist time in Mexico, especially for the beaches. So you need to plan well to avoid getting caught in the holiday rush. The ideal time to travel is early December or early January when you can juggle between great weather and smaller crowds on the beaches.

Of course, hotel prices are at their peak from December 15th till Easter and are lower the rest of the year. Establishments commonly extend off-season pricing during the first three weeks of January to attract tourists. You can negotiate good discounts during the off-season – late spring, summer and fall.


The climate of Mexico is as varied as its terrain. There is a distinct rainy season, followed by a dry season. June to October are the hot, rainy months, while November through May tends to be more temperate and dry.

The climate differences are amplified in tropical Mexico, south of the Tropic of Cancer, where the altitudes vary immensely to create three distinct climate zones. The tierra templada is a temperate zone with temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 27 degrees Celsius). The tierra caliente is hot land with long, hot summers and mild winters without frost. The tierra fria or cold zone is high altitude area with frost in the higher ranges and snow-capped peaks.

Summer rainfall washes tropical Mexico with short, heavy afternoon showers. The south has a longer rainy season, while the north is usually dry desertland. The coastal lowlands are hot but the Pacific coast of Lower California remains cool.

To help you plan your holiday, here is a brief overview of the regional climate zones.

NORTHERN BAJA is mainly desert with warm summers, mild winters and little rain. The Pacific coast is cooler than the coast along the Sea of Cortes.

SOUTHERN BAJA is a subtropical desert with a friendly climate. There is hardly any rain and humidity is low, with cool sea breezes to refresh the desert air. The days are warm and winter evenings are cool. But summer temperatures mount up to 100 degrees, though the Pacific coast is cooler.

The NORTHWEST COAST has the same mild climate as Northern Baja, but there is more rain and a tendency for storms.

The WEST COAST or the Mexican “Riviera” is inviting in winter. It has warm tropical weather throughout the year. The West Coast is washed by heavy rains and is hot and humid from June to October. But November through May is idyllic weather, with warm, dry days and cool, gentle evenings. Spring is ever in the air in the CENTRAL PLATEAU. It has an agreeably temperate climate throughout the year, because of its elevation. June to September is rainy season in the plateau, while winter is dry, cool and sometimes cold at night.

Climate in the YUCATAN PENINSULA varies with proximity to the coast. The Gulf and Caribbean coasts are cooled in summer by the trade winds from the sea. The winds do not reach the interiors, so the jungles remain hot and humid in summer. There are two rainy spells, one in April-May and the other from September to January.

The GULF COAST has high temperatures and humidity in summer. The weather changes dramatically south of Tampico, an area which is lashed by vigorous northerly winds.

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