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Where to Stay in Mexico

Mexico with its wide range of accommodations that suit both a budget traveller and a high end traveller is not bogged down with the problem of where to stay in the country. Although the hotel’s rating system which was under the government has now been discontinued, the hotels however continue to follow a seven point rating system. While one and two stars hotel have the most basic amenities, five stars are awarded to the properties that have international standards.

Another rating in Mexico includes The Gran Turismo which is the highest rating in the country and is usually reserved for the properties with extraordinarily high quality amenities that are a cut above the five stars. Another rating is the Categoria Especial that is reserved for places which have certain distinctive features like historic significance like a converted convent or colonial manor, or any unique architecture.

International travellers are best advised to use hotels with three star ratings and above. When checking-into a hotel, you will be asked for a “credit card” and will have to sign a blank slip to cover the cost of incidentals during your stay. Prepaid vouchers are insufficient backup and the system of blank slips, though unusual, is prevalent in most hotels. Since there is no express check out in Mexico the checking out may take some while. Once the check out is finalised then you will be given an exit pass which in local language is known as pase de salida.

Water should always be purified for drinking, a facility that most hotels have, but check with the front desk to make doubly sure. The weather being what it is, air conditioning is a must in Mexico and is usually offered by four and five star hotels.

Tipping porters, hotel maids and the bellboy is common practice. Tipping maids in advance ensures you good service. Acceptable tips range at around US$1.

A word of advice: when you hit the beach or the pool, don’t forget to check-in and check-out your pool towel each day, for fear of mighty penalties!

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