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Eating Out in Mexico

Dining is one of the truly enjoyable experiences in Mexico. Mexicans love long, lingering meals. Their cuisine is as diverse as the country’s topography and climate. There is tremendous regional variation: what’s “hot” in one coast may be cold inland.

Authentic Mexican cuisine is always distinct and bold, but it has been deeply influenced by Spanish, French and North American traditions.Mexican food liberally uses chocolate, vanilla, beans, corn, avocado, papaya, guava and chili peppers, tempered with spices and not necessarily flaming hot.

International cuisine is popular all over Mexico. You can dine on Lebanese and Portuguese or try Japanese and Asian. – whatever your mood. Do venture outside your hotel and try something adventurous.

Start your day with a traditional breakfast of Huevos rancheros, chilaquiles and café de olla. Munch through a variety of tortillas and breads or try some regional dishes (platos regionales) like pozole (hominy and pork soup), mole (a delicious sauce), tamales (stuffed cornmeal) and menudo (tripe stew). Or enjoy some seafood or mariscos, like camarones al mojo de ajo (grilled shrimp), filete de pescado (fish fillet), or ceviche. Finish your meal with a flan (caramel custard), mangos flameados (flambeed mangoes), helado (ice cream) or pastel de queso (cheesecake).

Popular alcoholic drinks in Mexico are of course tequilas, margaritas and plant spirits like mezcal, damiana and xtabentun.

The larger cities of Mexico have a vibrant and exotic nightlife. Jazz and rock groups, international shows, Spanish flamenco dancers, traditional Mexican dancing and music, gypsy violins – the show is brilliant and exciting. The discotheques and nightclubs are equally entertaining, but if you do not want to dance, you can linger at a bar, pub or music concert.

Bull fighting is a spectator sport handed down by the Spaniards and enjoyed by most Mexicans. There are bullrings in practically all the large cities. Mexico City has the world’s largest bullring, which accommodates 55,000 spectators.

Mariachi music and bands are sentimental, nostalgic concerts held all over the country. Mariachis dressed in ornate clothes and huge sombreros play to the public in the late afternoon or evening.

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