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Mexicans like it hot and spicy! Red-hot chili peppers and spicy sauces. Turkey mole smothered in a daring sauce of chocolate, chili, sesame and spices… Tropical fruits and juices…All washed down with tequila. Mexican cuisine can be as fiery as it is exotic… and you are advised to take everything you eat (including the tequila) with many a pinch of antacid.

Corn, after thousands of years of cultivation, is still the Mexican staple, especially in villages. Mexicans soften and grind the corn to cornmeal and fashion it into delightful breads and rolls. The thin, flat tortilla bread is eaten plain or folded into a taco before being stuffed and fried. Enchiladas are rolled up, stuffed tortillas smothered in hot sauce. Tostadas are crispy fried tortillas served liberally with beans, cheese, meat and onions. Atole, a thick corn broth and tamales, steamed corn mixed with pork or chicken, are popular all over Mexico.

Beans or frijoles are eaten daily by the common folk, who scoop it up with folded tortillas that serve as spoons. Meat is a treat for the poorer families who stick to a basic diet of corn and beans. They indulge themselves with the occasional fruit, honey, squashes and sweet potatoes.

Fruits such as avocado, banana, mango, oranges and papayas abound. Fruit juices are used to flavour water. Another popular beverage is a frothy cinnamon-flavoured hot chocolate cooked with water. Mescal, pulque and tequila are alcoholic drinks made from the juice of the maguey plant.

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