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Fes or as some spell it, Fez – is the Moroccan city with the shortest name and the longest past! Its proud residents consider Fes the spiritual and cultural capital of Morocco. Founded by Idriss I in 789 AD, Fes boasts an impressive history as Morocco’s capital several times over, and the jewel in the crown of the medieval Arab world.

Old Fes is stereotypical exotic Morocco – narrow winding alleys, craft bazaars, food markets, mosques, madarsas (theological seminaries), dye-pits and tanneries. The sights, sounds and smells of Fes will assault your senses, then arrest them and keep them prisoner.

Once you have visited, you will never forget this ‘Fes’ of your life- it’s a promise!

The phrase ‘Fes Blue’ comes from the cobalt blue which is the trademark colour of the famed ceramics of Fes – the colour mix to obtain this brilliant blue is a secret not shared easily by the potters. Be sure to buy a piece or two to take home.

Pastille the signature dish of Morocco and the art of cooking it was mastered in Fes, so they say. Visit Dar Saada restaurant and order the Pigeon Pastille!

The Fez hat which is synonymous with the Moors of Africa is said to have originated in Morocco and more so in Fes. The hat is normally red in colour, brimless and has a tassel dangling from the top. The Fez hat has been adopted by Muslims all over the world and is worn by the Turks, Srilankans, Indonesians, Cypriots and even leaders like Jinnah of Pakistan and Gaddafi of Libya.

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