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'And yesterday will fade like snow in the sunlight, Melt away from my memory, Through the darkness until I feel the light’s caress, I’m on my way to the streets of Marrakech'

This is the city that time forgot. Marrakech is the city that redefines the connotations of the term exotic, the timeworn witness to rising and decaying imperial dynasties; the site where nature created an oasis next to a mountain range; the place where street life is as vibrant as it comes and the memories as vivid as you will ever remember.

Second only to Fes as a centre for the arts and crafts, Marrakech wows visitors with its sprawling, incredibly colourful central square, the Place Djemaa el-Fna – one of the most memorable squares anywhere in the world, its perfect, crisp sunny days and chilly nights and its friendly folk.

One word of warning – do make sure you take the necessary precautions against getting conned/robbed by the hundreds of faux guides (false guides – con men or just anybody looking to make a quick buck). Be patient and do not lose your wits or your cool and you should have the best time ever.

Marrakech got its nick name of the ‘Red City’ because of the earth colour of the mountains that form a backdrop as also the ping hue of the city building.

The tower of Koutoubia Mosque is adorned with four copper globes. There is a belief that the globes were made of pure gold, and in the early times there were supposedly three globes. The fourth one was donated by Yacoub el-Mansour’s wife when she failed to keep the fast for one day Ramadan. Her golden jewelry was melted to flab the fourth globe.

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