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Myanmar’s capital city, Yangon (Rangoon) is situated on a spit of a land surrounded on three sides by water. Named Yangon – " end of strife" - by King Alaungpaya in 1775, it is the most charming and the most beautiful of all capital cities in South East Asia. It’s a microcosmic reflection of the history of long gone kingdoms that were ruled over this beautiful country - ancient Buddhist pagodas like the glorious Shwedagon and Sule stand cheek by jowl with stately colonial buildings; lakes amidst sprawling parks and gardens and narrow alleys alongside tree-lined boulevards. Combine all this with the cheerful and friendly bustle of market places like Scott Market and you have a city really worth a visit.

A leisurely walk on the grounds of the compound of Shwedagon is simply awe- inspiring especially at sunset. Shwedagon, which is surrounded by 64 smaller pagodas and numerous temples and pavilions, is full of sweet air with the perfume of the incense and flowers, the sound of the voices of young Buddhist nuns chanting prayers in the ancient Pali language and the melodies of the countless small brass bells that adorn the pagodas. The most special part of the visit to Yangon!

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