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In Nepal charm hangs in the air. Just like the notes of tinkling bells, just like the fair mist, just like the mumbled chant, quite like the incense smoke. In Nepal some of them saw planes flying over and landing in their fallow fields before they saw a truck rumble by. When you scale the world's tallest mountain, if you do, it'll take a fair bit of reckoning to find out whether you went up 8850 metres or just 8848. The jury's still out on that one!

Sturdy nimble footed porters still carry loads heavier than themselves across miles of slippery hills as they guide tourists to the summit of their aspirations; there are places which you either trek to or take the helicopter, no in-betweens; the capital of this country that has no automobile industry to speak of is daily in the throes of a traffic jam. Quirky things happen here like they don’t elsewhere! Ask the Nepalese and they’ll tell you a wonderful tale about change, growth, maturity and life. They'll tell you how the travel industry, tour operators and tourists are changing Nepal forever, but no one is complaining! That’s Nepal - dilemma-struck, dogmatic, dopey...delightful.

Those who travel to Nepal discover a land God made for tourists! Mountains and massifs, racing rivers, quaint temples and palaces, tough trekking trails and wildlife safaris lure the tourist.

Be careful not to step over anyone’s feet or legs and also not to point your feet towards someone. It is a matter of grave insult for Nepalese. Nepalese are also particular about the use of right and left hand. Right hand is used for eating as they do not make use of spoon/fork and knife and the left hand is only used for hygiene purposes. So never ever make a mistake of offering your left hand to anyone in Nepal.

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