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If there ever was a power-packed jumbo feast for the senses, this is it, it is – it is.

Stroll the narrow and winding back alleys one early morning, just as the sun begins to beam its way into every nook and dusty cranny. And be dumbfounded as it sets, a glowing ball of vermilion, beyond the ancient dark temples in the Durbar Square. There are an awesome seven World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu, and relics of the past they may be but defunct ruins they aren’t. That’s the thing about Kathmandu actually, the old – temples and folk, the young – swish cars or ball-kicking boys, and everything in between....it’s all ALIVE!

Kathmandu- a bliss for adventure buffs! There is a long list of activities to choose from- Trekking, Rock climbing, Mountain biking, River rafting, Boating and many more…for sure you wont be disappointed!

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