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Canals, cycles, museums, art and a raunchy night life - Amsterdam is all this and much more. Amsterdam, constitutional capital and largest city of Netherlands, is home to more than 700,000 Dutch, foreigners and moving tourists. The enchanting city of Amsterdam is built almost entirely along canals, connected to the waters of the North Sea. Ultramodern and picturesque simultaneously, this world famous tourist hub is also a prime cultural and economic center of Europe.

Amsterdam is perhaps the only city in the world where soft drugs and the red light district is legal, but that is not the only reason to visit Amsterdam. A city of museums with its Rembrandts and van Goghs, Amsterdam is a dream come true for the art lover and its quaint cobbled streets and canals perfect for lovers.

So whatever you are looking for you are sure to find it in Amsterdam!!

In Amsterdam bikes out number people - 1 million bikes as opposed to 7, 00,000 people!

This famous city is also known by many interesting sobriquets such as ‘Venice of the North’, ‘The Party Capital of Europe’, ‘Place where all bad boys go’ and ‘Biker's capital of world’, thus representing all things Amsterdam.

If global warming continues to raise the sea level, it won't be long before Amsterdam turns into another Atlantis and is lost forever. It would be one of the first cities to be flooded as most of the city is completely flat and the lowest point in Amsterdam is 6.7 meters below sea level.

Amsterdam is perhaps the only country where soft drugs are legal - there are over 300 coffee shops which can legally sell up to 5 grams of soft drugs.

The city isn’t just famous for its culture or museums; Amsterdam was also the centre of world economy in the 17th century and therefore, the oldest stock exchange in the world is also located here.

Despite the fact that prostitution is considered a legal profession in Amsterdam, the women engaged in the business aren’t allowed to leave the red light district to accost customers.

Louis Bonaparte made an utter fool of himself after he invaded Holland and proclaimed himself a King when he addressed the people in Dutch saying, “I am your new rabbit”. You see, when translated, the Dutch words for ‘king’ and ‘rabbit’ are quite similar.

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