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Nigeria has finally emerged from the shadow of one of the most repressive military dictatorships the world has ever known—the regime of General Sani Abacha who was responsible for the execution of the distinguished Nigerian playwright Ken Saro-Wiwa. After many years, the country can heave a sigh of relief—a civilian government is in power, trying to put its troubled past littered with ethnic strife and military dictatorships behind it.

Nigeria is a country of amazing contrasts—there is a great economic divide between the beer-guzzling, ‘suited and booted’ corporate executives who drive foreign cars on the new super-smooth highways and control Nigeria’s most precious resource - oil; and those who are condemned to a grim existence in urban shanty towns or in a countryside impoverished by the almost total neglect of agriculture. All these facts need not be distressing--Nigeria can be a fascinating destination for the same reasons. The point is to read up a bit on its history and politics, tighten your seat belt on those highways, and plunge into this always-exciting country.

Interestingly, due to the combination of Islamic personal law in the Nigerian Constitution and certain matriarchal tribal traditions, there is fairly widespread polygamy. Feminists rejoice! It is almost equally acceptable for a woman to have more than one husband!

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