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Pakistan , the multi-dimensional country of natural and historical wonders has finally arrived on the world tourist map. A journey through Pakistan is a fascinating encounter with a country that has withstood countless invasions, absorbed the culture and ethos of its conquerors and preserved their essence in monuments and archaeological heritage.

Landscapes that are the dream of poets and nature lovers, exciting mountain trails, hospitable and simple people, exotic cuisine and a culture that goes back 5000 years are just a few of the treasures that unfold once you are in the country. Half a dozen civilisations flourished here and left their signature on the culture, art, architecture and cuisine.

Pakistan fostered a five thousand year old civilisation, remnants of which can still be seen in the ruins of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa. The land was an important halt on the trade route from Central Asia into India and across to China. Over the Khyber Pass, Kurram Pass, Bolan Pass and the Khunjerab Pass, caravans laden with dried fruits, silk, wool and precious stones laboured to their final destinations. So if you are seeking adventure, want to lose yourself in nature's wonders, looking for some cultural stimulation or just want to intermingle with the incredibly warm and hospitable people, visit Pakistan and take back lingering memories of a country of diverse landscapes and people.

Titillate your taste buds- Succulent kebabs cooked slowly over charcoal fires, tasty dhals (lentils), rich and spicy “korma” and the “nihari”, the special culinary treats of Pakistan Pakistani cuisine is similar to that of north India, but it is said that the Pakistanis eats three times as much meat as the average Indian.

For a long time now travelling for art has meant landing up in the polished hallways of The Louvre having ...

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