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Best Time to Visit Lima

Lima has a sub-tropical climate and due to its propinquity to the cool waters of Pacific Ocean, the city enjoys much cooler temperatures than any other sub-tropical desert region. The climate is relatively mild and comfortable, neither being too hot or cold during altering seasons. The temperature throughout the year rarely falls down to 12 degree Celsius or rise above 29 degree Celsius.

The seasons can be categorized as summer, encompassing the months of December to April, while the months of June to October represent the winter season.

The peak tourist season in Lima is between December to April, the cities summer season. The temperatures during this time vary between 18 degrees to 26 degree Celsius. Skies are mostly cloud-free during the daytime, with occasional foggy days during this season. If visiting Lima during the summer season, one is treated with the spectacular and colourful sunsets which are quiet famous in Lima. The sky turns into the shades of red, orange and pink by seven in the evening and the sunsets are labeled by the inhabitants as "cielo de brujas," (in Spanish), which means ‘sky of witches.’ There is a lot of beach activity during this season, with the best beaches tending to be slightly crowded due to holiday travellers.

Winters (June to October) with breezy conditions, gray skies and humid plus cool temperatures are considered off-travel season. The average temperature remains around 15 degree Celsius. Dark skies may overcast the city for a week or more at a stretch or thick gray fog known as ‘Garua’ covers the city making it less appealing to visitors. However surfing on normal less cloudy day and watching bullfights are popular attractions during winters. If interested in hiking, this is a good season to visit Lima, as the weather is conducive for this activity.

The months of May as well as November are rated as transitional months with dramatic hot-cool changes in the climate. Humidity is an inseparable part of Lima’s climate. If travelling during summer, cotton clothing is a must pack to tolerate the heat and humidity. However, given the slight chill which creeps in during winters, if travelling during this season be sure to carry a few light woolens.

Best time to visit Lima for Festivals

Visiting Lima during October or towards the beginning of November will let you witness the biggest procession in Latin America. Almost ten thousand believers gather to honour Senor de los Milagros (Lord of Miracles). This belief in Lord of Miracles was set when an African slave (during colonial times) drew an image of black Christ on a wall, and despite various attempts to remove it and despite all earthquakes, which probably destroyed significant amount of the adjacent area, the image remained unscathed. The upshot was the increasing faith of people towards Senor de los Milagros. The believers dress up in purple tunics and carry almost two tons litter (with painting of the Lord of Miracles), on their shoulders for 24 hour procession from the ‘Las Nazarenas’ church to the ‘La Merced,’ church.

The other big procession takes place on the 30th of August each year to honour Santa Rosa de Lima (patron saint of Lima). Thousands of believers who worship Santa Rosa de Lima participate in this procession which leads to Santa Rosa's hometown Santa Rosa de Quives near Lima.

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