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Best Time to Visit Philippines

Most areas have a dry season (stretching from January to June) and a wet season (July to December), and, generally speaking, the dry season is probably the best time to be in the country. Between December and May is when you should aim to visit the Philippines, but try to avoid Manila in May, because the capital can get appallingly hot at this time.


The climate of the Philippines is tropical, although there are climatic variations as a result of altitude and distance from the equator. Most of the Philippines are hot and humid all the year round, with an average annual temperature of about 25° C. The country experiences two main seasons: dry -between January and June, and wet -between July and December. The wet months find the monsoons pelting their fury over most of the Philippines.

To a certain extent the Philippines also has volatile climate- the archipelago stretches across the typhoon belt, and gets hit by 5 or 6 cyclones every year (and affected by 15 more), besides falling prey to tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and landslides.

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