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Sightseeing in Boracay Island

All you are required to do is relax and enjoy yourself in Boracay. However, there are some amazing sights on the Islands of Boracay and they will leave you spellbound!

The highest elevation on Boracay Island is Mount Luh and is situated 100 meters above the sea level. Mount Luh offers spectacular vistas and a visit up to the mountain is all worth! So save your energy to get up there.

The Bat Caves are home to the cave bats and giant fruit bats. You will see the fruit bats flying at twilight in search for food. A visit to the Bat Caves is an exciting and an adventurous one and any Naturalist or Photographer can’t afford to miss out on them! You can act daring by going and exploring the Caves all by yourself or hire a local guide to lead you through the paths of the caves.

The Dead Forest lie right next to the fishponds in the south of the Boracay Islands. The forest consists of dead trees. Do not act daring and visit the forest during the night time as it is said to have a scary witch hour especially on a full moon night!

Visit the Kar-Tir Shell Museum in Iligan as it houses a vast collection of sea shells, arts and craft works and various other hand woven products.

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