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The brochures for Poland will lure you with descriptions of romantic beaches along the Baltic and the enchanting lakes of Mazuria, of the sheer splendor of the Carpathians and the handsome boulevards of Warsaw. True, these natural assets are among the most untamed and pure landscapes in all of central Europe today- but they’re not all that Poland is about.

Poland may not have the riches or the regalia to advertise its historical heritage, but if you look closely you will know that it possesses a historical legacy like few others. Ravaged by the onslaught of two world wars and occupied by some of the most fearful armies of all times, Poland is a country that has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of destruction of Hitler’s army.

From the war memorials of Krakow to the Gothic churches of Dachau, from the Nazi camp grounds in Auschwitz to the upscale nightclubs lining the streets of Warsaw, Poland is a country waiting to tell you a story ….

The Polish are quite superstitious about the month in which their weddings are held. In Polish, months that contain the letter “R” are said to be auspicious and the weddings are successful. Therefore, marriage processions do not take place in the months of maj (May), styczen (January), luty (February), kwiecien (April), lipiec (July) and listopad (November).

Polish months of the year, days of the week, names of religious orders and car makes are not capitalized as in other languages unless they are being used as the first word in the sentence.

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