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Best Time to Visit Qatar

As Qatar experiences a hot and arid climate, with its summers experiencing the maximum heat, to avoid these extreme climatic conditions, the best time to visit the country is between November to early April.

The months of November to early April encompass winter and the early Spring season of the country. From an average maximum of about 29 degrees Celsius in November, the temperature begins to drop, ranging between 21 to 24 degrees Celsius between December to February. The following months of March and April, begin to see an increase in temperatures, which rise to a range of 26 to 31 degrees Celsius, as winter turns to the spring season in the region. Despite these variations in over the months, on a holistic level the weather remains pleasant and cool, with little rainfall and lower levels of humidity. Owing to these climatic conditions, which allow for outdoor activities and sightseeing across the country, these months are regarded as the peak-tourist season in Qatar. Further, as sandstorms tend to be common during winter and spring, amongst these months, it is the ideal time to visit is in November and between February to early March.

Due to the hot and dry weather during the summer months of May to September, this is regarded as an off-peak tourist season in Qatar. While temperatures on an average range between 37 to 42 degrees during these months, on some days it may escalate upto 50 degrees as well. Further, during these months the region may also experiences sandstorms, adding to the unpleasant weather conditions.


May to September is summer season in Qatar, with the temperatures averaging 37 to 42º C but sometimes can go up to 50º C. The summer months are very humid and dry as well. Winter months are milder and more pleasant with cool evenings. Sand storms are common throughout the year, especially in spring. Rainstorms hit Qatar in December and January, and even though these are not very strong, they may effect travel within the region.

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