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Saint Lucia Tourism

The rhythm of the frothy surf unrolling on sparkling white sand as the waters change colours from brilliant blues to darker blues with highlights of orange as the sun recedes from view…. just another day in St. Lucia . Most of its sun kissed silvery beaches washed by pure white surf, are isolated thus making them ideal getaways. Unlike its Caribbean neighbours, St. Lucia is less attuned to tourism, which in itself is a major tourist attraction.

With more natives around than tourists you can enjoy and relish the quaint Caribbean charm and the warm hospitality offered by the people of St. Lucia. Beach bums can rarely drag themselves away from the white sands, but besides beaches and blue waters, there’s a lot to explore on the island.

A treasure trove of natural reserves with some rare species inhabiting the island, St. Lucia offers some excellent opportunities for quiet walks interrupted only by the chirpings of a bird or two. In the interiors of the Island, you can spot a variety of birds and wildlife in the lush rainforest. The numerous waterfalls provide soothing background music.

St. Lucia’s history is spiced with tales of pirates and heroes who made the Island their home and battleground. Archaeological research on the Island has lead to the discovery of Amerindian artifacts so there are plenty of sights that have a past. Loud music blares invitingly on the streets. Never mind if you don’t know the host, St. Lucia’s parties are for everyone.

Ever seen the Kouwes Snake and the Zandoli Ground Lizard? Sure you have not. These are the rarest species of St. Lucia found nowhere else in the world. So don’t miss the opportunity to ogle at these species when in St. Lucia.

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