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From as long as memory recalls, Arabia has seduced travelers and storytellers with its mystery, its magic, its romance and because of its inaccessibility. Many have come here to understand the Bedouin, to share his tent and to sit by his fire under a starry sky - to experience life in the desert in all its simplicity and with all its complexities. Whirlwinds of sand, rhythmic thunder of hooves and rising clouds of dust draw closer and give way to reveal fast riding, hawk eyed Bedouins - the long time denizens of this most inhospitable of deserts, the mysterious Arabia of a thousand nights.

Petrodollars have transformed a nation of militant clans into financial fatcats, oil billionaires and limousine riding sheikhs. The Bedouin who rode the wind now holds the reins of the global economy. But despite its wealth and its apparent modernisation, Saudi Arabia remains a conservative Arab/Muslim country, where you have to watch the ps and qs of your behaviour and follow the Islamic code of conduct.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Middle East and occupies about four-fifths of the Arabian Peninsula. It stands at the crossroads of three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. It holds an important place in the religious map of the world as the cradle of Islam, the world's second largest religion. Mecca and Madina, Islam's holiest shrines, are in Saudi Arabia. Uncountable pilgrims make their way into this country from all over the world. Many rules and regulations hassle a non-Muslim in obtaining a visa. But perseverance pays, and once you manage to get inside (legally of course), you will find innumerable attractions and the chance to see modernity in tandem with tradition.

Saudi Arabia’s holy city, Al Madinah is also known as the city of date palms because they line Madinah's streets and highways in profusion.

Saudi Arabia is the world's largest producer of desalinated water: thirty-three plants produce nearly two million cubic meters of fresh water from the sea.

The resonance of faith takes people to religious place around the world for pilgrimage, missionary or mere relaxation purposes. A ...

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