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How to Get to Jeddah

How to Get to Jeddah by Air

The King Abdul Aziz international airport is about 25 km north of the city. If you are flying into Saudi Arabia from the major cities in the world, your disembarkation point could be Jeddah apart from Riyadh. The domestic airline flies both domestic and international flights from the south terminal. Foreign airlines use the north terminal. You can fly into Jeddah from anywhere in Saudi Arabia, as it is the second largest hub after Riyadh. Dhahran and Riyadh are connected to Jeddah by daily flights.

How to Get to Jeddah by Bus

You can drive in or take a bus from Amman (Jordan), Cairo (Egypt) and Damascus (Syria). Istanbul (Turkey) has a good road to Jeddah, so drive in if you want to or take a bus. You can drive in or take a bus or taxi to Jeddah from various parts of Saudi Arabia such as Riyadh, Dammam, Abha, Al-Baha, Bisha, Jizan, Khamis Mushayt, Najran, Tabuk and Yanbu. For Muslim pilgrims, Mecca and Medinah are well connected to Jeddah.

By Sea

You can travel by sea from Musawwa (Eritrea), Suez and Safaga (Egypt) and Port Sudan (Sudan) to Jeddah Islamic Port.

Getting Around Jeddah

If you love your independence, it is a good idea to rent a car to move around the city. The roads are good and the traffic fairly orderly. An international driving license makes it easy for you to rent a car although licenses of western countries are accepted fairly widely.

When taking a bus, take the SAPTCO orange and white bus for getting around town. There are mini buses too but their destinations are written in Arabic. Taxis that are white and orange have meters and the drivers speak English.

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